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Are you currently struggling with an outdated bathroom? Or a bathroom that has tile falling off the walls and water leaking out of the shower head? If you answered yes to those questions, or are simply tired of your bathroom, Epic Home Upgrades and Construction is the bathroom remodeling company for you! We take pride in all our bathroom renovation work and create bathroom design ideas for homeowners throughout San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County. 

Our skilled bathroom remodel contractors will work with you, so your bathroom remodel results in the bathroom of your dreams. Homeowners we have worked with have been thrilled with all the small bathroom solutions we have come up with. We take small bathrooms and make them look much larger by the time the work is completed. And those larger bathrooms turn into a space that matches those of luxury spas. 


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Bathroom Tubs and Showers

One of the first things we do when working on bathroom design ideas is to listen to what you want. Most of the time, homeowners like yourself are looking to change up their shower and tub combination. If you have been searching for a way to separate your bathtub and shower, we will see what we can do to make those dreams a reality. 

There are so many options for tubs to shower, even if you can’t separate the two due to space issues. And if you can separate them, you will be thrilled with the options we give you. 

Soaking tubs are the most popular options in remodeled bathrooms. The separate shower can be tiled with tiles of any size and color. If this is something you are looking to do in your bathroom, we recommend making the shower a walk-in option with seating and dual showerheads. 

Bathroom Vanity and Sinks

One of the most disagreed upon items in a bathroom remodel is always the vanity and sink. Some homeowners want a single sink and vanity, while others want a double sink with vanity. We have installed both options in remodeled bathrooms and we can’t really say we have a favorite. 

However, we can tell you that there are many different bathroom vanity styles and designs. And those vanities will allow you to be even more creative with your bathroom sink design. We have so many unique bathroom vanity and sink ideas to share with you. And we want to use those ideas to create a stunning bathroom you won’t be able to resist!

Here at Epic Home Upgrades & Construction, we want to design the perfect bathroom remodel for your home. Whether you are working on a small bathroom renovation or a large bathroom remodel, we have the solutions you have been searching for. Now is the time to turn that dreary bathroom into one that will shine! Contact us today and let us do the heavy lifting with your bathroom remodel. You won’t be disappointed when you are getting ready in style! 

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