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Cool Life Paint Application


Our Process

Trenching & Hydro Blasting

Trench around perimeter of the house & remove dirt, stains and revealing surface defects.


Our Process

Scraping & Sanding

Use power sanders and grinders to remove old paint and expose damages.


Our Process

Patch, Repair & Mask

Repair cracks, caulk windows, create a clean uniformed surface to apply the coating.


Our Process

Paint Application

Apply cool life finish coat on walls and trim coat on all accent pieces around the house. 


Our Process

Clean Up

Clean up the property from debris, making sure the house stays beautiful. 

Our Recent Paint Projects

Exterior Paint Experts

Epic Home Upgrades & Construction is the leading construction company in the SoCal and SF Bay areas when it comes to exterior painting. We have been painting the exterior of homes in the state of California for many years now. As our team has honed their skills, they have expanded their exterior paint finishes options. 

As a top painting company in the state, we strive to provide excellent customer service to every homeowner we work with. Add in the extraordinary work ethic we all have and the quality work we do, and you won’t find a better painting company out there! 

The type of exterior paint we have used has changed over the years. We are currently using as many environment friendly products as possible in all the work we do. Therefore, you should expect the exterior paint on your home to be safe and non-toxic. 

In SoCal, we always recommend using a light or neutral color on homes. The reason for this is those colors of exterior paint will not absorb the heat from the sun as much as darker colors will.

Homeowners that choose those lighter colors will quickly see that their homes are much cooler on the hottest days of the year, without their air conditioning being on constantly. Of course, as an added bonus, your energy bills will be much lower. 

All the accent pieces on homes do not affect the energy efficiency of a home as much as the rest of the exterior does. Therefore, you can use any color of exterior paint you want on the accent pieces of your home. Those accent pieces include the trim, shutters, window frames, and even gutters. 

Our team can help you choose the perfect exterior paint color to go with the lighter, or more neutral, colors of the rest of your home. And if you decided to go with bold colors on your exterior, we will match those too! 

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Exterior Paint Options

Cool Paint, or TEX-COTE COOLWALL, is a different type of paint that is being used all over California. We have begun to use this heat reflective exterior wall coating in our business. The TEX-COTE COOLWALL is a thermoplastic coating that is thick. And when we say thick, we mean at least four or five times thicker than regular exterior paint. 

Once this type of exterior paint finish is applied to your home, the temperature of the wall surface of your home will drop by approximately forty degrees. To put this in perspective for you, this type of energy efficient product will reduce your cooling costs by at least twenty percent. 

The best part is the Cool Paint is resistant to both mildew and mold. 

Paint Finishes

The exterior paint finishes available in Cool Paint include smooth, fine, sand, and course. Therefore, you won’t need to settle for a finish you don’t like when the exterior of your home is being painted with this product. 

LEEDS credits are available when you have Cool Paint put on the exterior of your home. Not every painting company uses this product, so make sure you are hiring a reputable painting company like Epic Home Upgrades & Construction. We will ensure this green product is applied properly for the best results. 

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