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Are you looking for a little privacy in your yard? Or do you want to prevent others from accessing your property? Both those things can be accomplished when you hire Epic Home Upgrades and Construction to install a fence and gate for you! As a leading fence and gate installation company, we understand how important your home is to you. We also know that you want your fence and gate to match the exterior of your home. We take all those things into consideration when we create your custom fence and gate design. 

We also work on fencing and gates for commercial properties. These properties often require extensive fenced off areas. We excel in making sure the fence and gate look like they are integrated into the design of the entire property. 


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Fence Materials

Wood Fence

Wood fences are normally six feet in height. This fence ensures your privacy, since there are no openings between the boards. Most of these wood fences are constructed using redwood, pressure treated pine, or cedar. 

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are quite durable and will almost always last longer than other fences. This type of fence will instantly improve your curb appeal, while making your home worth more when you sell. The intricate designs you can choose for the top of the wrought iron fence will be what makes your fence stand out from all the rest in the neighborhood. 

Post and Rail Fence

A post and rail fence is not going to give you a lot of privacy. However, this fence will surround your property and keep people out. The rails will allow people to look into your yard to see what you are doing. 

Picket Fence

A picket fence also doesn’t offer a lot of privacy. But it does look nice and gives you that traditional look you might want around your home. We often recommend this type of fencing to homeowners who are looking for that white picket fence visual appeal. 

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are often used for commercial properties. This type of fence is made from galvanized material, so it will not rust. While this is a popular option for commercial properties, you can install a chain link fence on your personal property as well. 

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are durable, but they also offer a traditional look you may be searching for. This type of fence is one of the more economical options, which is perfect if you are looking to stay within a specific budget. The best part about vinyl fences though is the material is almost maintenance free. 


Iron Fence Installation

Driveway Gate Installation

You cannot have a fence around your yard and not include a driveway gate. There are a few different driveway gates available. Most homeowners like yourself will either install a sliding gate or an automatic gate. The sliding gate will need to be moved manually every time you enter and leave your property. For this reason, most homeowners will decide an automatic gate is a better option. Those gates will open with the push of a button with the automatic gate opener. 

And if your automatic gate stops working, we offer gate repair services. You will never be unable to leave or enter your property due to waiting for a gate repair. 

Don’t let anyone and everyone gain access to your home any longer. Contact us at Epic Home Upgrades and Construction and let us show you what a new fence and gate can look like in your yard. You will be amazed at how wonderful your home looks once a fence and gate has been installed!

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