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Replacing Your Insulation


Our Process

Insulation Removal

Removing existing insulation using heavy duty vacuum machine and hauling away debris. 


Our Process


Sanitizing the area and decontaminate the surface before installation of the new insulation.


Our Process

Air Sealing

Seal around electrical wire, pipes and air-ducts to prevent air leakage. 


Our Process

Rodent Proofing

Sealing all entry points around the house and service area to make sure rodents won’t be able to enter in the future.


Our Process

New Insulation

Installation of new insulation up to CA code and title 24. Getting the maximum R value needed.

Our Recent Insulation Projects

Home Insulation

Many homeowners we meet with are shocked when they discover they have needed better home insulation for years. If you think you might have the same issue, we want to tell you not to panic! 

It is very easy to go in and do insulation removal. Once we have all the old insulation removed from your home, we can easily install green insulation that will lower your energy bills and keep the temperature in your home comfortable for you and your family. 

If you currently have blown in insulation in your home, or the pink fiberglass insulation, we urge you to change your home insulation sooner than later.

While those types of insulation were considered good twenty or thirty years ago, that is no longer the case. There are many health concerns related with those types of insulation, especially if it is getting moved around a lot. We recommend green insulation, and it is the only insulation we install nowadays.

This type of insulation is comprised of recycled content and is more fire-resistant than fiberglass. It has an R-value of R-15 when it is placed on a 2 x 4 framed wall. This insulation can retain moisture, so you must be careful once it is installed. We recommend placing this in walls, floors, and ceilings. 

Cotton batt insulation is also called blue jean insulation. This insulation is available in easy to work with rolls and it is easy to cut when you need to work around fixtures in the home. This insulation material is comprised of approximately eighty-five percent recycled material. It is known to deter pests from making a home inside your house. We recommend using this type of insulation in the walls. 

Loose fill cellulose is made of eighty-five percent recycled paper, so you are helping the environment when you use it in your home. This insulation is also fire retardant and deter pests. We like to use this material in ceilings and enclosed walls, as well as other places that are hard to reach. 

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Types of Insulation Materials









Home Insulation Inspection Los Angeles

Full Inspection

Not only does proper insulation help keep your home’s temperature constant, it also ensures the insulation doesn’t go bad and cause health concerns in the future. 

We’re always asked how a homeowner knows whether they have enough insulation in their home. The other question is how a homeowner knows if the insulation they currently have is safe and not harmful. 

Our answer is always the same. We feel it is best for all homeowners to give us a call, so we can come out to do a full inspection. This inspection serves multiple purposes. First, it ensures that your insulation is currently not sitting in a puddle of water or disintegrating away. It also allows us to determine how much attic insulation, roof insulation, and other insulation is in your home. 

During our inspections we can tell if a homeowner is spending more on their energy bills than they should be. Oftentimes, the wrong types of insulation, the wrong R-value insulation, or simply no insulation at all are the reasons why energy bills are so high. 

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Are you ready to meet with one of our insulation experts to discuss your house insulation options? We serve homeowners in Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and San Jose. Our general construction team is ready to help you with all your insulation needs.

Whether you are looking for a simple attic insulation, or a full home insulation, we can have your house properly insulated in no time at all! We even offer multiple financing options, so you won’t need to let the cost keep you from enjoying the benefits today.

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