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As a leading kitchen remodeling company, Epic Home Upgrades and Construction wants to create the perfect kitchen in your home. We have the best skilled workers in the state. And they can take your kitchen renovation ideas and turn them into your dream kitchen design. 

Do you currently have an old, outdated kitchen in your home? Or are you struggling with a small kitchen that simply doesn’t work for your family? Both those things are the reasons we hear the most when homeowners are searching for kitchen remodeling contractors. 

Old, outdated kitchens will usually have you using more energy. This extra energy usage comes from older appliances. Your outdated kitchen will also cost you money when you go to sell your home in the future. After all, we all know that home buyers are looking for new and updated, not old and outdated. 

Small kitchens can also cost you money, because buyers want big kitchens that are easy to organize. However, we don’t want you to count your small kitchen out just yet. There are so many different kitchen design ideas that will make your small kitchen appear larger than it truly is. And we can make it feel bigger to you too!

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We look at all aspects of your kitchen when we are creating kitchen design ideas. No corner goes unnoticed as we come up with one kitchen renovation idea after another to share with you. Don’t worry, we take your kitchen renovation ideas into consideration as well. We will work with you to create the perfect kitchen remodel that will check off all the boxes for you. 

Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners like yourself can’t decide whether to remove their existing kitchen cabinets and replace them or keep them. We will check the condition of your current kitchen cabinets and see if they are worth keeping for your kitchen remodel. If your kitchen cabinets are in excellent shape, we can always sand them down and paint or stain them. 

Of course, if your kitchen cabinets are falling apart, or they don’t fit in your newly remodeled kitchen space, we will install the perfect new cabinets for your needs. 

Kitchen Countertops

New kitchen countertops are almost always a must with a kitchen remodel. However, as with every kitchen design, this will be dependent on the choices you make. Our kitchen design team will work with you to determine exactly what type of material you want for your kitchen countertop. 

There are many different kitchen countertop materials. Many of them are environmentally friendly and will look brand new in your remodeled kitchen for years. Homeowners who love to bake will be thrilled that we are always willing to install different countertop materials in your remodeled kitchen. We find nothing wrong with creating a baking nook with a marble countertop in one area and a granite countertop everywhere else. 

Kitchen Flooring

An old kitchen floor can take away from the beauty of your kitchen remodel. During our design meeting, we will determine which kitchen flooring material will work best for you and match all the new items in your kitchen. There are so many materials for all budgets and many of them are environmentally friendly. 

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