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Oz Pesach

CO-Founder & CEO

Oz Pesach has started working in construction in 2015, since then he developed the organization’s innovative operations and the gold-standard customer service along with ground breaking marketing in the construction industry

He is on a mission to reshape the sustainable energy efficient construction industry’s face and drive innovation in the way customers are served.


Omri Shatzman

CO-Founder & CEO

Omri Shatzman started his way in the construction industry in 2014. He is in charge of the revenues, profits, and the production that drive him to perform better each day. 

He is responsible for the company’s financial functions, including budgeting, auditing, and managing revenue & office operations. 

Omri also leads all human resources and marketing activities. He brings high standards culture to the front by creating a team’s vision to achieve the desired result – happy & satisfied clients!

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