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Epic Home Upgrades and Construction is one of the leading patio builders in San Jose, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County, California. Our skilled workers will help you create stunning patio designs, as they give you one patio design idea after another. 

There are many different types of patios that you can construct in your yard. You may decide that you want a patio without an enclosure or cover. However, most homeowners like yourself will choose a patio cover, and possibly an enclosure. The reason for this is the patio can then be used during inclement or cooler weather. 

Installing a new patio can be a thrilling experience. We know that you have an idea of what you want this new space in your yard to look like. Our goal is to get your dream patio down on paper, so we can create a plan on how to construct it. 


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Our team will create a hardscape design, as well as a patio design for you to approve. We will take all your patio design ideas, while also adding our own or making suggestions. The end patio design will be a rendering of what your dream patio will look like. 

Materials Used the Most for Patios

  • Patio Pavers – Patio pavers are an excellent option, because they fit together nicely. These pavers also can be used to create unique patterns, making your new patio stand out. The tight fit means nothing can grow between the pavers, making this material practically maintenance free. 
  • Patio Stones – Patio stones are not used as often for patios, but they look nice once they are in place. This material requires a little more maintenance, because the stones can move around with use. 
  • Concrete Patio – If you truly want a maintenance free patio design, we recommend a concrete patio. It will take a few days for the concrete to cure before you can use your new patio, but the results are worth the wait.

Patio Cover Options

When you decide to install a patio cover, you will have many different options. Those options include:

  • Lattice Roof – This type of patio cover will allow the sunshine to come through, so your patio is not as dark. However, a lattice roof will not block the rain or the wind. Therefore, you may not be able to sit on your patio on certain days of the year. 
  • Solid Roof – A solid roof will ensure you can enjoy your patio space on those days where the rain is falling. You may also want to choose this type of patio cover if you do not want to sit in direct sunlight day after day. In some scenarios, you may want to insulate your patio roof. We can go over those reasons when we meet with you to create your patio design. 
  • Adjustable Roof – Adjustable roofs are fabulous options when you are installing a patio cover. There are many benefits to choosing this type of patio cover. The main benefit is being able to open and close your new patio roof whenever you want. 
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