At Epic Home Upgrades and Construction, we take your privacy very seriously. Therefore, this privacy notice is to share how we utilize the information you give to us, as well as what we don’t do with it. 

How We Use the Information We Collect from You

Any information collected on our website is solely owned by us. The same is true for any information you share with us in person or over the phone. We will never share this information with anyone else, nor will we sell it or rent it to anyone. The information you give to us is only used so we can respond to you to discuss the reasons you contacted us. Third party vendors will never receive your information from us unless it is required to fulfill an order that needs to be shipped directly to your residence. 

The information we do have about you may be used by us in the future to alert you of any specials, new products, or new services. We will also use the information to alert you of a change to our privacy policy. While this information will keep you informed, you may opt out of receiving any information from us at any time. 

The Control You Have Over Your Information

Opting out of receiving information from us is as easy as sending us an email or giving us a call. If you are ever curious as to what personal data we have for you, you can contact us to find out. You can also contact us to change any of your data, delete your data, or ask questions as to how your data is being used. 

How We Secure All Your Personal Data

We take the storage of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, we take multiple precautions to protect your data both online and offline. 

Any credit card data and other sensitive information is always encrypted and transmitted in a secure way. When you share any of this information with us online, you will notice that you are using a secure website. You will know the website is secure, because the website will start with “https” and there will be a closed lock icon on your web browser. 

All this information is also safe offline, because only specific people have access to it. Those people are the ones who perform specific jobs like billing. They are required to access this information to perform their job. Our employees have been carefully vetted and updated security checks are performed regularly. We also store our computers in a secure environment, so no one that shouldn’t have access to them can gain access.

If you ever have any questions on how your data is stored, you can always give us a call or send us an email. 

The Cookies Used on Our Website

As with every other website on the internet, our website utilizes “cookies”. Cookies are data that is stored on a visitor’s hard drive. The information is used to make your experience better on our site. The cookies ensure you do not need to log into our website every single time you use it. They also track and target the interests of people visiting our website. We only use cookies to enhance your experience and want to reassure you that your personal information is not being linked in any way. 

Links to Other Sites on Our Website

On occasion, you may see that we have linked information to another website on our website. If you happen to click on any of these links, please be aware that our privacy policy no longer applies once you leave our website. Therefore, we recommend that you check out the privacy policy of the website you are visiting. 

Our goal at Epic Home Upgrades and Construction is to be transparent with you about all the information you share with us. We will always treat you the way we want to be treated and that includes how we use any of your personal information.