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Installation of Solar Panels


Our Process

Plans & Permits

Design & draw solar panels system plans. Submit plans to the city utility company & fire department for approval and permits.


Our Process

Brackets & Wires

Installing brackets, wires and micro inverters to prepare for panels installation. 


Our Process

Panels & Inverter

Installation of solar panels as specified by plans followed by connection to the inverter and to the house panel.


Our Process

Inspection & PTO

Schedule and pass final inspection by the city, fire department and utility company. Apply to PTO (Permission To Operate).


Our Process

Approval & Savings

Once PTO is approved, you can enjoy your new solar panels system and save thousands of dollars!

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Energy Efficiency Made Easy

Epic Home Upgrades & Construction is the leading company in SoCal for solar panel installation. We have spent quite some time learning everything we can about solar energy, including how beneficial it is to the environment and our clients. We believe a solar panel system is the single best thing you can install at your home if you are looking to save money and lower your carbon footprint. 

As a company that works hard to install all types of green energy products, beginning to do solar panel installation was a no brainer for our team. Yes, there was a learning curve, but the results have been spectacular. 

We have installed numerous solar panel systems on the roofs of homes. However, we have also installed them in yards that have the space to hold them. We are able to utilize both vertical and horizontal spaces, so you have exactly the right amount of solar power you require. 

All homeowners are looking for green energy products, because they want to utilize renewable energy. Since solar power comes from the sun, it is reproduced every single day. Yes, even on cloudy days. 

Everyone’s energy bills are skyrocketing, so it is no wonder why homeowners like yourself want to find ways to lower them. The more solar energy your solar panels produce, the less you will spend on your energy bills.

Okay, so how many times did your power go out last year? That is one of the first questions we ask clients who are wondering if solar panels are right for them. If you have ever lost power for an hour or two in the middle of a workday or something important, you know what a hassle it can be. When you have solar panels installed, you will never need to worry about being without power every again.

The reason for this is you are no longer relying on the power companies to bring power to your home. You are only relying on your solar power battery, which holds the solar power until you need to use it. 

Solar Panels Installation Los Angeles

Types of Solar Systems We Install






Power Battery


EV Stations

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Start Saving Today

The solar panel cost has decreased dramatically in recent years. Whether you are looking for a solar roof or want to install your solar panel system elsewhere, you will find that it is more affordable than ever.

One reason why solar panel installation is more affordable is the tax breaks homeowners receive once the solar panels are in place. That means you are paying out even less in the beginning and that equals more savings in your pocket. 

Plus, there is very limited maintenance work needed on solar panels once they are installed. So, there won’t be extra money for you to lay out once the panels are in place. 

Add Value To Your Home

There is even better news. That news is that installing a solar panel system at your home will increase the value of your home. So, you not only get the major benefits when you are living there, you are also getting extra money when you eventually sell. 

Epic Home Upgrades & Construction does solar panel installation in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, and the SF Bay Area. We offer multiple options for financing, as well as those tax breaks we mentioned above. If you are finally ready to decrease your energy bills and never worry about losing power again, give us a call today. We guarantee you will be thrilled with your decision to install solar panels the second the energy starts flowing into your house from them! 

Solar Panels Contractor Los Angeles

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